About program

Software that will increase the efficiency of your accounting office.

  • Gain more time and keep your business stable.
  • Get rid off staffing problems and improve liquidity.
  • Check if your software is compatible with Mobevo.
  • Use your existing office equipment without having to make large investments.
  • Order the right package and quickly start using all the features.
  • Use the support of our consultants and submit your ideas to us. Your suggestions are important to us.
  • Minimize the amount of work needed to serve your customers.
  • Increase revenue without hiring more staff
  • Improve the flow of documents and information between customer and office.
  • Automate monotonous and repetitive activities.
  • Get rid of tons of paper and take care of the environment.

In addition to automating the process of entering invoices into the
accounting system, you have the following modules available:

Speed up the accounting. Send a package of documents to your cyber-accounter and get the documents you decree with one click.

Check the correctness of accounting entries in the registers automatically. The generated report will allow you to find even the smallest error.

See which client is no longer profitable, and which accountant could look after more clients.

Debt collection
Set up an automatic collection scheme and have control over your receivables.

Online panel
Customers will be satisfied if you give them access to a free invoicing module and all your invoices 24/7.

What you gain

Faster work organisation

You don't have to use many, incompatible programs. Mobevo gives you everything you need to run an accounting office. Thanks to a common database, you will not only save time, but you will also automate many of the activities that you used to have to do manually.

Simple and quick archiving method

You don't have room to store paper files? You don't have to look for it. On the Mobevo platform you get unlimited space on the servers where you can place your archived documents. You can access them right away, without having to search the binders for a long time.

More time

Mobevo significantly accelerates the input of invoices, saving time. You can spend it on strategic planning and developing your business or... on your own hobby, instead of wasting it on tedious office work.


Mobevo works seamlessly with popular billing and settlement programs (such as Comarch ERP Optima, Insert GT, Enova, Symfonia). You don't have to change the software, but you can improve its efficiency.

Additional functions

The Mobevo platform is also a number of facilitations that will come in handy in the daily operation of the office. Do you want to check the statistics, use a spreadsheet or make a note of the information in the calendar? Then reach out to Mobevo, where all these functions are at your disposal.

Data security

"Are you concerned about protecting your customers' personal data and protecting confidential information? The Mobevo platform will guarantee the security of your documents. An SSL encrypted connection and password-only access will prevent your data from being shared with third parties (ISO 9001 certificate).

One price, no restrictions

You need more posts, want to enter more invoices? No problem! There are no quantitative restrictions on the Mobevo platform. You can add any number of documents and authorize the selected number of employees to work in the system. All at the same price!