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  • Grow profits

integrated toolkit
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Work in your office can be
better organized


Not much time?

Accountants spend most of their time entering invoices. They waste time sending emails or text messages to customers. That's why they can't better address customer problems. This leads to a decrease in the quality of services provided. This, in turn, can lead to a drain of customers.

Are your customers becoming more demanding?


Make processes simple and automate

  • Use artificial intelligence
  • Automate the sending of SMS and e-mail messages
  • Build an electronic document archive
  • Share online account with your customers

You can increase the capabilities
of your employees


The problem with
the fluctuation of the accountant?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an employee with the right knowledge and qualifications. You are certainly experiencing increasing pay pressure.

Is this a barrier to your development?


Release your potential

  • Automate data entry
  • Analyse and optimise your human resources
  • Check work flow
  • Use statistics in your decision process

Gain a competitive advantage
and increase the profitability of your office


Low profitability?

The strong competition on the accounting market led to a drop in prices. At the same time, staff costs and mark-ups are rising and it is difficult to raise service prices.

Would you meet market challenges without new technology?


Earn more

  • Analyse profitability of your clients
  • Keep track of additional services
  • Efficiently recover debts
  • Save your office space

EVA is the cyber-assistant of your accountant, who will verify and decree all your electronic invoices.

It will book majority of invoices with 100% correctness.

It will suggest a decree.

It will check he correctness of the accounts.

It will point difficult situations.

It will pick up abnormalities in the accounts.

Meet us!

Janusz Rynk

Janusz Rynk,
entry number 09673

The technological revolution has also reached our industry.

New technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence help accounting offices optimize their accounting processes.

The result of cooperation between man and artificial intelligence is better quality of service and more pleasant work. This in turn translates into increased profitability, and higher profitability means greater opportunities for development and satisfaction with the business.

I encourage you to use the software we've developed. Mobevo is the result of many years of work of tax advisors, accountants and programmers. Mobevo is the answer to today's problems of the accounting industry. It is our vision to organize an accounting office. Using Mobevo you will benefit from our experience gained over the last 20 years. With Mobevo, you will face the challenges of today's changing market for accounting services.


satisfied accounting offices already

See opinions of our satisfied customers:

We have been using Mobevo software for more than half a year and are very satisfied with the use of the system. Thanks to the application we have managed to increase the comfort of everyday work. Entering documents using MOBEVO shortens the working time. I recommend it because of the high quality of the application and the qualified staff who take care of the high level of customer service and provide constant support.
Adam Mularczyk, ABM Consulting
I couldn't imagine entering invoices that easy. I'm still discovering new features. It works well with Comarch Optima. Mobevo works 100% well in my office.
Mobevo is very successful in the multi-departmental organization of our law firm. I believe that nowadays the use of such a tool in the offices of tax advisors, dealing with accounting services, should become a standard.
Dariusz Michał Malinowski, TAX ADVISER
We have been using Mobevo software in my law firm since December 2018. Despite difficult beginnings related to employees' reluctance to change, today I can safely say that we cannot imagine working without Mobevo. Who would like to rewrite thousands of invoices by hand, especially when accounting for clients who bring documents at the last minute.
Office of the Tax Advisor Marek Hoffman

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